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  Specialized Consulting | Advanced Facilities and Manufacturing  

Large Scale Challenges, Effective Solutions

The primary objective of EAFC is to aide owners and contractors in the planning, development and execution of large scale, technology and manufacturing projects.  EAFC provides custom, 1:1 consulting services to the Advanced Facilities (AF) construction and manufacturing sectors.  EAFC will provide  executive management with augmented experience, additional skill sets and advisory services that are tailored to specific business, project and program issues and opportunities.


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EAFC Sectors and Services

SECTORS | Industry Expert | Technology and Manufacturing

  • 200mm and 300mm semiconductor manufacturing

  • Flash memory and Logic VLSI processes

  • Photovoltaic cell manufacturing and module assembly

  • Logic and Memory semiconductor testing facilities

  • Science and Research facilities

  • Repatriating manufacturing to the United States of America

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Large new, existing, or problematic projects? Message us today.

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Facility Development

  • Owners Representative:  the planning and development of new or expanded facilities and operations may not be a routine event for a company.  Services include:

    • Evaluate location and site options

    • Engage A&E and  Construction Management companies

    • Prepare and evaluate budgets and estimates

    • Oversee the planning and construction of the facilities

    • Manage performance to schedules

    • Trouble shooting and managing change

  • An Owners Representative will help define good options, make specific recommendations, monitor the progress and assist a company's decision makers through each stage of the project lifecycle.

Grow Your Business

Projects within last 3 Years

Helping Businesses Blossom

Ellington Advanced Facilities Consulting, LLC solves each client’s issues by providing a comprehensive approach backed by a network of experienced professionals. Our process fosters collaboration and innovation to ensure we not only understand the core needs of clients, but also help them develop successful solutions. The following are a few examples of projects and experience from the recent past:


Planning through construction

  • New semiconductor and solar factory design and construction

  • DRAM Research and Development design and construction Project Executive


Large scale manufacturing

  • Solar manufacturing facility cost model development

  • Advanced Manufacturing facility site evaluation and selection

Consulting Services

Concept to Keys

  • DRAM and Flash Memory factory model and cost estimating

  • EPC M&A evaluation for capital investment firm
  • PV module competitive cost analysis and recommendations
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Ellington Advanced Facilities Consutling

James Ellington; President and lead consultant has over 40 years of experience across the hi-tech, microelectronics industry.  Contact us and find how our services can benefit your company.   Located in the Southwest  USA, he has managed projects across the country and internationally will working with intel corporation, and M+W Group (now Exyte).   

Southwest USA

9031 Guadalupe Trl NW, Alameda NM, 87114


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